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Long white beaches, high dunes and lush pine forests, imposing faraglioni, intimate ravines between cliffs surrounded by fragrant junipers. Immersed in a wild nature, or in the comfort of equipped beaches, the Sulcis Iglesiente is the ideal place to live, in full relaxation, all the authenticity of the Mediterranean.

The beaches of the Sulcis offer unexpected sub-Saharan landscapes, where dazzling dunes of fine sand end in a crystalline sea.

All around, lagoons, flamingos and Mediterranean scrub, small waves and white shells. A sea-show with the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean. Thus Jacques Cousteau (a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker) defined the coasts of the Iglesiente.

Cobalt and emerald waters surround coves and long beaches, offering a continuous and surprising spectacle of a coastline never equal to itself. The islands in the island. Sant’Antioco and San Pietro concentrate all the essence and perfumes of the Mediterranean.

Long paths that lead to white beaches, pools dug into lava rocks, faraglioni, salt marshes and tuna that preserve ancient traditions.


An extraordinary variety of little-beaten landscapes, from the hinterland to the coast: this is Sulcis Iglesiente, the ideal destination in every season for a holiday full of sport, nature, freedom and adventure. 

Routes that wind through dream woods, mines and ancient ports, spectacular waterfalls, high coastal areas, sand dunes and humid areas home to a rich bird life. The Sulcis Iglesiente always gives strong emotions to passionate hikers. 

An authentic encyclopaedia of the earth, the Sulcis Iglesiente is today a privileged observatory of relevant scientific and environmental aspects. Here the whole variety of an entire continent, to be explored, is kept underground, on the surface and along the coasts. 

A challenge to the last breath. In Sulcis Iglesiente it is the wind that dictates the rules and transforms the sea into an ideal stage for lovers of water sports. Suspended between sky and sea, between the charm and adrenaline of a game against the force of nature.

 In the past, it was an election destination for the peoples to conquer Sardinia, today a meeting place for sea lovers. Sailing along the coasts of Sulcis, Iglesiente, between fjords and coves on the islands of Sant’Antioco and Carloforte, is always a beautiful discovery.


Fascinating archaeological sites, imposing mines, charming places of worship and surprising collections of art.

The Sulcis Iglesiente contains, in its ancient heart, treasures and evidence of past civilizations, to visit throughout the year. The most extensive and important mining area in Italy for variety and diffusion.

The mines preserve the legacy of centuries of scientific and architectural genius, social and cultural transformation, from the Phoenicians to the twentieth century.

Interesting cultural routes that testify to a past rich in history and wind through sites and archaeological finds, catacombs, temples, tofet, domus de janas, historical centers of clear medieval influence, Savoy, Catalan, rationalist.

The places of everyday life, of doing, of material culture. The Sulcis Iglesiente tells, through exhibitions in old rural houses, warehouses and mines, its ancient traditions and its passion for art. Cradle of Christian worship in Sardinia, today a destination for pilgrimage, spirituality and devotion.

The Sulcis Iglesiente is told through its many and fascinating places of faith that gather important artistic and cultural testimonies.


Sailing, wind, Surfing & kite surfing, Climbing, Mountain biking, Trekking Horse riding, Speleology, Geology, Birdwatching, hiking Paragliding and free climbing are two of the extreme sports, the most diffused in Sardinia

There are mutliple climbing spots in the Sulcis territory:
Masua, Domusnovas, Capo Carbonara (Villasimius); – Carloforte (Sulcis); – Nuxis (Sulcis) – Gutturu Pala (Iglesiente);  – Masua (Iglesiente);  – Cala Domestica (Iglesiente);  – Pranu Sartu (Iglesiente); – San Nicolò (Iglesiente); – Capo Pecora (Iglesiente); – Torre Cinzia (Villacidro);

Food and wine

Quality, tradition, research, innovation. These are the ingredients that make the food and wine products of the Sulcis Iglesiente real masterpieces. And the passion and respect of our producers for the land, the sea and the history of these places completes perfectly every work. An excellent cuisine, author’s recipes that wisely combine the scent of the sea with the flavors and secrets of the earth, with unexpected Arab, Ligurian, Piedmontese contaminations and a particular attention to the gastronomy etno. Exclusively pure pleasure, to be shared in company! Bottles for classification, niche productions, barriques and distillates, cellars-museum and hospitable operators. Del Sulcis Iglesiente savor, in a glass, infinite nuances and intense bouquets, passion and tradition, love and simplicity, the breath of the wind, the dew and the sand on which our vines grow even today. Skilled artisans who work and transform clay, wood, cork, copper, silver and precious yarns, taking care of them to the smallest details. Real works of art to collect, or use every day, for a shopping that gives in each object the authenticity of Sulcis Iglesiente, and its true soul.


Events that involve all the senses and fascinate with their magic. Every year, in the events of Sulcis Iglesiente the ancient and the modern blend skillfully blending local tradition, sacredness, Mediterranean influences and continental inspiration. An evocative mosaic of archaisms. The religious events and patronal festivals of the Sulcis Iglesiente testify centuries of spiritual tradition stratified in rites of great fascination: from the most ancient religious celebrations of the island to the sacred Easter representations with a strongly Spanish stamp. Jazz, blues, classical melodies and Latin rhythms: the musical events of Sulcis Iglesiente win every year all the fans. Events in evocative locations, including nuraghe, mines and temples, surrounded by the scent of the sea and the immensity of the starry sky. The events and enogastronomic events of Sulcis Iglesiente offer endless and surprising nuances of Mediterranean cuisine. Arab, Ligurian, Spanish and Piedmontese contaminations pleasantly surprise even the most demanding gourmands. A rich calendar of cultural activities, exhibitions, markets, shows and sports competitions. The Sulcis Iglesiente offers many interesting opportunities for those who love to live places even through events in which knowledge, culture, traditions and passions are intertwined.